Meaning: The act of mentally undressing someone

To be naked is to be true. The excessive compulsion to be covered creates a shell. Liberation dwells in acceptance and improvement is the consequence. We love to scoop the feces of lies, cruelty, and manipulation smearing our naked bodies relishing in the stench we call success. The dehumanizing of emotions, quantification of the living and running the circus of competition have put us far away from what the heart really yearns for. Judgemental is an essential character of the insecure. Ironically, we have become insecure despite living in a thick shell that we have made for ourselves. We have forgotten the light of hope that shone on us promising a future where happiness lived within and not out. We were promised of the ideals that resonated with each and every fiber of our soul but what we got was the dung of despair and mediocrity.

I wish to burn everything that covers the human body. I wish to see the imperfections, undulations, and blemishes of the bare skin, the untamed hairs, the glistening sweat, the marks and scars of past, the intimate and the beautiful you. To be naked is to be true. Liberation dwells in acceptance which leads to the gates of heaven. The warm light of hope falls only on those who take a leap of faith and dare to bare their fragile skin in the arctic blizzard.

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