Meaning - The fear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced

It is not a story. It is not a tale. It is not a fiction.

It is a reality and a struggle of life that we all strive to make the worth of it. The notion of "success" is deeply rooted in the gluttony of immortalizing our existence in the golden crisp parchments of history. The efforts of our labor are directed towards an abstract idea of success which is heavily reinforced by attempts of man in a crowd climbing to the top by pushing down the rest only to be recognized. The positive correlation between money and success has become the bedrock of our modern society where ends justify the means which is prevalently practiced and highly desired. We often forget that materialistic success is a silent lonely place filled with lies, fraud, opportunism, distrust, and anxiety. The scent of "power" is potent enough to ensnare even the best amongst us.

People do not always fall into the norms constructed by society. Some break the rules and create an uncharted path. This is the moment a story is etched into the canvas of humanity whose curves and edges marvel the minds of the person who wants to have a story of their own crafted alongside. It is these men who immortalized their existence. It is these men who are remembered. It is these men who make the world.

Humans live in fear of a variety of things. A pitiful existence like me is also fearful of something which might not even affect the other person or precisely most of the people. I fear my existence is just a blip in traffic of human lives. It is like an ash leftover by the burning blaze of life. The blaze eventually dies out and the ash is carried away by the gust of oblivion. Everything is undone. The work of my life becomes a futile pursuit. I fear that I will not be remembered. Athazagoraphobia is the source of kindness in a person's character who understands the hollowness in the argument of materialistic success. We are fortunate to truly indulge ourselves into a precious emotion of empathy. It brings out the dormant soul resting behind the darkness of our nature. A liberated soul warms everyone surrounding it. Our mind is attracted to kindness. It cracks the walls of conceit and brings out the dynamic female energy of the universe from within us. Love is the only known vector that has crossed dimensions and it etches a deep mark in the hearts of the receiver. Kindness, love, and altruism are the keys to unlock the secret of immortality. It was never difficult to attain immortality. It was difficult to accept the conditions of immortality. The choice is yours.

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