Meaning - Someone who hides behind a smile

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

[Inspired by Muddupalani's "Appeasement of Radhika"]

The images of the previous night flashes vividly as Rohini sits in front of the mirror. She was dressed in a beautiful red bridal sari embroidered with an unique pattern and embellished with stones and jewels. Her lips quivered with the thought of the night as she begins to apply an amber red lipstick. Her hands quivered as the sensation of a supple kiss runs through her body. Her lips are sensitive to the ecstasy she realized for the first time. Rohini stares deeply in the mirror examining minute details of her face.

Did her eyes look tired or was it a deep yearning to understand the meaning of the previous night?

She was confused.

The sensation of the hands that ran over her face yesterday in an attempt to feel her latent anticipation ran across her body tingling her toes and fingers churning her guts. She rotates her neck to examine the indelible mark. Rohini chuckles by the thought of infidelity. The inevitability of circumstances dawned upon her. The smile vanished and she prepares to cover up her marks. She picks up the make up kit and starts to brush the mark. The smooth hairs of the brush reminds her of the bite. The heat of her passion rekindled within. Her breathing raged unabated and inconsistently. Her abdomen shook as an invisible hand sweetly caressed her belly. The invisible hand probed her ribs feeling every bone crawling up reaching out for her swollen bosom. Rohini couldn't control herself and she was overpowered.

Initially, her hesitation was strong. After all she was about to get married tomorrow. She felt the hand reach for her shoulder. The hands moved her against the wall and Rohini found herself helpless. Her agitation was in vain. Something more powerful took over her. The natal instincts rose to the surface bursting through her body. She never felt so weak yet ferocious as her curtain of hesitation dropped. Rohini could feel the suppleness of the kiss and warmth of her infidelity. She felt her bosom pressed against the naked body. Her sensations peaked. They moved across the hall and reached the bed. The stillness of the air made the sounds of two rhythmic and unabashed breath louder and clear. The stars flushed across the night sky as the bride discovered herself for the first time.

Rohini's chest began to heave heavily as her thoughts were consumed by her escapade. A familiar sound entered the room. Her heart skipped a beat as she turned around. It was Divya, her sister in law. Divya slowly entered the room. A mob of small children came bustling inside and surrounded the bride. Rohini's mother came into the room and asked her to get ready quickly. Divya sat behind Rohini to help her with the bridal preparations. Divya realized Rohini was warm and sweating. Divya asked Rohini whether she is feeling anxious about the wedding. Rohini remained silent. She was quivering relentlessly. Divya started to narrate about her wedding blues. Rohini barely managed to grapple her emotions as she listened to her. Divya's husband called her out in search of her. Rohini's heart began to throb incessantly. Her legs barely had the strength to carry her. Divya replied that she is with the bride and will return with her. Divya's husband returned back to the wedding hall. Rohini sighed in relief. The sensual images of her infidelity crossed her mind again. Rohini was reminisced about the futility of her act and felt a pang of despair.

All the preparations finished. She looked exquisite and her sweet fragrance filled the room. Divya reached out for Rohini's shoulder. She looked at her and praised her beauty and attractiveness. The bridal dress complimented her body features. Divya turned her head to glance at the entrance door. She looked at Rohini intently and felt her red lips. The stillness of the room was nostalgic as both of them gasped. Divya moved forward graciously as she leaned in and kissed the bride. The nostalgia of the raging breath of two lovers echoed across the room. Divya leaned back. She smiled and wiped the red lipstick of her broad lips. She pecked her neck at the spot where she bit Rohini and winked at her as she took her leave.

"I will see you, later", said Divya.

Rohini blushed. She wiped the smudges and took the red lipstick. She looked at the mirror and smiled ecstatically dawning on the revelation of her sexuality.

"If only I knew it before", sighed Rohini as she rehearses fake smile at her wedding, the "happiest" day of her life.

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