Meaning - to feel shame for the actions committed by someone else

World has come to a stop. The consequence of our interference shall become the cause of an impending and meteoric change as we steer towards a new world order. The time has not been forgiving. The scathing scars of the calamity will make an indelible mark on the memories and in the yellow crisp pages of the history of mankind. The fortunate are the rich who will survive the flood. The unfortunate will not. The boat has set towards a new day. The despair sets as I watch the innocent suffer from my boat.

Several blunders had been committed. Vices were formed. The excesses crossed every boundaries beyond imagination. The competition has been unforgiving to the masses. The sins of our blatant lies and misconstrued truths peddled in the name of a "common good" has come to fruition. The time to repent arrived. The incoming retribution against our excesses were evident but we conveniently hid behind the veil of the grand narrative of growth and progress. We dig deep graves and buried the costs of our pleasures. The dead do not really die without a retribution. Our philosophy turned into cancer. The dam could only hold our con for so long.

Death became mere numbers to be broadcasted on the news channel. The conquerors of earth were shut in their cage as the silent victims thronged upon the streets and waters making a mockery of their predators. The value of freedom was the dawning realisation of the sober spectators. The true heroes shone on the battlefield and the desperate false champions of our former world hastily ran to bask under their glory. The gushing flood of misfortune has swept the landscape. The fortunate have the boats to endure this flood but many are drowning and more are expected. The harsh truth about our old world order is in action. The innocent meek are the casualty of the actions of their puppet masters. The journey will be turbulent. Our heads shall be down in shame as we enter uncharted waters.

Calamity always presents an opportunity. The inflection point is now. The decisions made today will become the bedrock foundation of a new world order. It is an unprecedented moment. This is the first time where you wield the power to change the future. Our future will be the consequence of a chain reaction of every individual's resolve.

What will you do today?

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