Meaning - It's a feeling, familiar and warm, comfortable and relaxing, friendly ambiance, cozy atmosphere, convivial; good times with dear friends, pleasant togetherness; an atmosphere which allows for good times to happen

People say that absence can make your heart grow fonder. Truth cannot be as hard-hitting as it is here. I never thought that what I have left behind will always be pulling the strings of my heart in an attempt to bring me back. This feeling is starting to grow and there seems nothing to stop it. I think I don't want it to stop. I want it to spread wildly, untamed like a lustful beast, engulf every inch of my flesh and shroud me from the distasteful despair that has been glaring me for as long as I remember. Happiness comes home on a rainy night. She is drenched as she looks at me suggestively. Nature brightens. It is like the blessed flowers have decided to spray the pollens of ecstasy destroying every bit of dark, cold and void. The trees sway, flowers bloom, insects buzz, strangers twirl, and love begins.

There are times when we forget the tension of our daily lives and enter a zone that is far away from the baloney of reality. Happiness unabashedly set foot in my intimate place where I shed my hesitations, doubts, apprehensions, and anxiety stripping bare to the skin. The luscious and lustful joy holds you to take over and you are no more in control of your own unsatisfied desire. The joy that you have been waiting for bends you, caresses your warm moist flesh, fondles and tickles your weak spots and strokes you to a seamless orgasm. You are in Nirvana.

Our actions are a consequence of the thirst to find happiness because we can never be gratified with the warmth which erases everything we hate about ourselves. We strive to find joy so as to give meaning to our life. The funny thing about finding joy is that it really does not hide but at the same time remains obscure. This duality is the creation of our deceptive mind. Some find joy in little things of daily small lives and others find it in the grand setting of ostentatious lives. The ultimate climax of all the activities in our journey of life is to gratify our senses in the pleasures of the world.

I would not say that I have found out the truth behind the myth of happiness. It is not that I have not met her. We often meet each other. I meet her behind the tree as the morning sunshine is filtered by huge branches. She often sits beside me along with my friends as we sip a cup of hot coffee on a winter day relishing in loving conversations of the memories past and promising future that we wish never to end. She bumps into me sometimes when my heart skips a beat. She disappears from time to time but one thing about happiness is that she never fails to return just like a phoenix rising from the ash. She is like an enigmatic stranger who appears briefly in our lives and we always yearn for her to return. She is a living tribute to all that is worth living for. We dive ourselves in her aura. Gezellig.

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