Meaning: right, critical or opportune moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates opportune moment for words, actions and movement

I stand in midst of an unrelenting crowd trying hard to get bearing of my reality. Humans are crafty species. We invented a sense of time to quantify our existence. The intangibility of fleeting moment slipping through and something which cannot be rewound, reversed or retracted is a scary thought in and of itself. So what do we do? We divide the moving continuum in repetitive and cyclic set of days, weeks and years. It was a necessary development to give meaning to such an invisible inevitability. It does provide us a sense of security so that we can plan our lives. The cyclic patterns provides familiarity which assures us about tomorrow, another artificial creation of our mind. Nature is also cyclical so it was only by natural extension that humans would create a convenient instrument to bind itself in a non living concept of calendar. We are fixed in this ridiculous notion that time has a characteristic of being right or wrong. It is laughable to think that time can be partial.

I stand in middle of the chaos and observe people racing through incessantly towards their routine in hope of making through the day so that they can live for the next day. The palpable gloom in the air is nauseating. The discomfort to fit in this reality is a challenge. It is sad to say the least. I want to steer away from ranting about the situation because I am not an optimist to begin with but no one can hide the truth about the despairing scenario we find ourselves into. What is the cause of this reality we find ourselves into? Is it because we have internalised the false premise of the tangibility of time believing it to be water in the bottle you can plan to consume at your own disposal in your own journey towards death? Have humans become proud of their ability to think that they have conquered the concept of time and can treat it as something that can be altered, designed, changed or commanded? The symbolic representation of time and giving it a property of human standards of good and bad is a trick we have devised for ourselves to deal with the unpredictability and uncertainties. It is a great tool to make excuses for our procrastinations because we think we have another same day to live.

Are we tricking ourselves into an illusion which may never come true? To think that every action must be performed at the right time will certainly get the desired reality is a fantasy. It would be majestically arrogant and pompous to think we can design our future by timely action when we miserably fail to even control the simplest realities of our present. We can hope of a future but reality mostly turns out to be a potpourri of several divergences to our fantasy.

There is no right time. There are only right actions. The time will reveal itself without any regards to what you feel so let us not make futile attempts to architect the right time.

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