Meaning - Happens when you use your imagination to think of something in a very detailed way and then you lose track of time for a few seconds and really feel like you are watching a movie that is happening in your own head

At 8:00:00 in a city, which is pleasant, arrives a male who shouldn’t be named, naïve and innocent, who never understood what it means to be in something which cannot be described. It was an ordinary visit and nothing out of the usual. A valiant knight of Order who was feared by Chaos himself. Unusual is a blasphemy. Planning is God. It was 8:30:00 A.M only when he opened the doors of the conference room when the knight of Order lost against Chaos. It was not an ultimate weapon that defeated him but cursory yet fatal glance of a beauty unparalleled. His heart flushed. The mind reeled. It was time the knight turn to dust and the lover born out of the ashes.

Einstein’s theory of relativity states that time runs slow for a person who moves closer to the speed of light. The male who shouldn’t be named was definitely laughing at a person from Jamaica who claims to be the fastest man on the Earth. He experienced time dilation. His surroundings blurred, the details became vivid and magnified as he watched each strand of her thick jet black hair flowing like the pristine calm waves of the Pacific. The butterflies danced around, flowers bloomed and insects chirped a mellifluous melody. Her eyes were deep like the depths of mariana trench hiding treasure troves that made her priceless. The eyebrows stood like a triumphant trumpet. Her eyelashes were defined like the precise geometry of the pyramids. Chaos crept inside him and slowly suffocated Order. Her nose dives exquisitely like the Valleys of snow and her lips blossomed like a plump sweet berry. The neck of a majestic swan, elegance of a doe and expressions of a panda weakened the austerity of the man who loves her. It was 8:30:10 when he proceeds to sit down at a table near her. The day ends at 18:00:00 and he manages to ask her name. She introduced herself and finally he knew her name. They departed smiling and he knew it was beginning of something. Chaos, with a gleeful smile, starts to hammer nails in the coffins of Order. It was 22:00:00 when he relaxed on his bed and eagerly waited for the day to rise. A dream where he was with her. A life where she was with him. A house where they would be there for together forever. A wish for a happy ending.

It was 8:00:00 the next morning where she was waiting in the conference room. The male couldn’t hide his excitement. He watched her from faraway and rushed forward to sit beside her. It was 8:05:00 when he watched her clipping her hair with both her hands. He was happy to see her. The lightning instantaneously struck. The thunder paralyzed him. He couldn’t move. She called him but her voice fell to deaf ears. A walking ball of happiness suddenly turned into a stone statue of melancholy. The deadening sound of damnation downed his all chance of a happy ending. The ring on the left hand of her fourth finger was a noose on his neck which killed him. The slow death crippled him and the climax sets in. All hope died. A dream where he was with her shattered like glass, a life where she was with him died, a house where they would be there for together forever became an ephemeral design which burned in flames of his own despair turning into ashes. It was 8:10:00 when he knew that she was married. What a stupid guy one must be to fall in love with a married woman. Imaginations running wild only to be decimated. The mourning cry of despair was nothing but the resurrection of Order and crying Chaos being brutally murdered.

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