Meaning: Gratitude

I am living in the present writing a memoir on feelings we often forget or choose to forget. There are infinite rare words in our world hidden from our everyday life. We are the beings of emotions. The immersing aura of joy vibrating from every inch of our skin harmonizes with the environment and it attracts the rest because they know a beautiful soul is in a state of bliss. A calm light of hope bringing warmth to the people who had already forgotten what it is to feel the gift we received as a blessing of being powerless humans. We are willingly ready to devour, in our unfathomed gluttony, the rotten waters of greed, covering our skins in the filth of lust and letting the sloth eat away our bodies. Our wrath and envy have destroyed the world we were fortunately bestowed upon to satisfy the whims of the pride. Most of us have traded our souls to our sins.

Why does it take lies, traps, hatred, conflicts, and bloodshed to define what we casually say to the young, "Welcome to the real world"?

Why is it difficult to feel the pain of others?

Why do we tend to forget all the good things for one bad thing?

When did the base standards of materialism, deceit, manipulation, disloyalty, inconsideration, dishonest, violent and unsympathetic become the pillars of the success as we define it?

Why is it difficult to feel and be grateful?

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