Meaning - The frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time

Photo by Sayantan Kundu from Pexels

The mind regurgitates the thoughts of a visual provenance. The repetitive imagery of any nature sets a cyclical loop making it stronger in the course of time. But mind is a cynic of monotony. It despises constancy of environment. It loves to dance along the edge of wavering uncertainty, skip over the ropes of tradition and sifts the arguments of the immovable sloth. Such is the instincts of mind.

The restlessness takes over. Our world is out of bounds for a long time. It has become dangerous to the existence of body. The choice is to stay trapped and wait.

The mind incessantly blames the incapacity of the body. It looks down upon its counterpart with revulsion and vexation. Never did the mind imagine, the abode of love would turn into a cage of survival. Mind is eagerly waits for the body to rest. It is the time when body sleeps, that the mind takes over and paints the canvas of our human consciousness into a dream.

Mind is set free from the body. It zooms away from the house and reaches the tallest tree. It feels the strength of the bark, crisp of the leaves and whispers of the shivering branch. The insects are singing in ecstasy. The deers are in the hide and squirrel crunches tonight's nut. The breeze is pleasent and air is clear. Rivers are shining after a long time and dolphins are seen after a much longer time. The mind is joyful. Although the cries are loud. The graves are full. The beeping sound turns into a dreadful straight signal. The mind turns mellow. The diversity of emotional spectrum over varied places at the same time confuses the great mind. It is not celebrating its freedom. It slowly wanders to watch over a deserted empty landscape. The frustration of not able to perceive varied emotions has metamorphosed into a feeling of fortune that it has only a single body of problems. The sinking sentiment remains yet the mind understands it should return to where it belongs. Omnipresence is a drug to its own demise.

The mind flies back to its only home. The moon is bright.

The body wakes up again to the frustration of the mind.

Wake up, another yesterday begins.

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