An Asian tree species also commonly called as Chinese plum or Japanese apricot

I will take an usual departure from my regular content and want to talk about a blooming flower I happen to fall in love with and has a special place in my tiny heart. Prunus mume commonly called as "Plum Blossom". It is an Asian tree species classified in the Armeniaca section of the genus Prunus of the sub genus Prunus. It originated around the Yangtze river in the south of China. It was later introduced to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. For the kind of content I make, this post seems irrelevant. There is nothing new about knowing an obscure flower and with all honesty is downright pointless, unrelated and waste of time. I hope I can change your minds by the end of it and you need not worry. I will make this a short and to the point conversation. I feel compelled to share about the beauty of this flower which we should rather imbibe in our lives and hopefully need to replicate.

The cold harsh winters often makes it difficult for the flowers to thrive ergo conditions are unsuitable and averse. The symbolism of winter to despair and devoid of yield has been closely knitted in many classic literature, deeply sensed by our vulnerable human heart and manifests emotionally in sinking depression. The eerie dark of the cold frozen river you walk on moments away from a chilling death and your voice unable to reach the shores as the glacial water slowly drowns your physical existence. There are times when everything is against us meticulously designed to ruin our lives to perfection. The punch of the present and pain of the past brings us down to the knees as you kneel down begging in front of the the future which stands in front of you like a towering nemesis under his shade sucking every lux of light out of your pitiful presence. In the wretched moment of disillusionment and gloom where the melancholic blizzard steal our warmth and in these critical moments are born the courageous stories of our hero. The choice made at the junction of no return makes or breaks the individual. Where does this courage comes from I will never fathom. Such is the reality of a plum blossom.

Plum blossoms are those flowers which blooms in the late winter and are the harbinger of spring. They are the natural symbolic representation of hope in despair. A plum blossom dares to bloom in the abrasive winter and shines brightest around the white sheet of snow with such an audacity looking towards the world obstinately and stubbornly roaring an absolute no to the reality of its world. They bring with them a hope and warmth that we all thought was lost to us but it was never lost because it always there deep down rising to the surface only at the right time. A plum blossom meanders through the dark less traveled rough lands and the hardships turned to sweat dripping like pristine clear water nourishing those barren deserts turning them into wild forests dressed in white like an angel sent to bless the forsaken lands. It is a life of a plum blossom we should strive for.

I am a witness of a plum blossom and she was beautiful.

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