Meaning - Frustration due to other people who are not understanding everything exactly as you mean it, not knowing all that you already know, not processing emotion in the way you do, or generally just not being as smart as you

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Our Earth silently resonates with several billions of thoughts. Thoughts manifests themselves physically as actions and expressions. No one thought is isolated per se but is a part of an extremely complex, sophisticated and strongly networked mesh. With the advent of communication technology, the mesh has only grown stronger and seemingly invincible. A minute infinitesimal change can roll a series of events capable of bringing catastrophic difference. The butterfly effect is at play. A musician who loves to strum his instrument producing melody is equally capable or lack of to produce an ominous tone. Similarly, a steady and righteous mind is capable to bring character to his expression and substantive effects through his expression to his reality but an envious mind can only bring about destruction.

The world is under turmoil. One specie has divided itself into factions. The sense of identity, which should come from the virtue of his ancestors, environment and culture, is derived from his fanatical and unflinching loyalty to the commandments of an adopted ideology. The sense of supremacy stands tyrannically over a perceived diminutive stature of the other. This is the fatal consequence of a ballooning pride.

No persons can be equal. There will always be inherent differences. This inequity can be over strength, lineage, empathy, determination, attractiveness, knowledge etc.

Is it the inequity that gives birth to superiority or the ego arising out of such inequity?

The driver of supremacy is ego and not inequity. The second parameter to the argument is function. Supremacy is a valid argument if looked through the lens of function. The most powerful person is extremely suitable as a protector. The virtues of a man shines the most if it is utilized in its right function. There will definitely be people who are stronger than others but that should not give a sense of superiority as whole. This realization of modesty and humility is blocked by pride. A normal person is good at somethings and bad at other things.

No piece of a puzzle is more important than the other. Only if all the pieces fall in the right place, the puzzle can be solved.

Ego of man creates a basket of standards. These standards are formed, imposed, indoctrinated, sensationalized, encouraged and creates a vacuum in those who feel they do not match to the standards. This vacuum is filled with envy which poisons our mind. No person is equal. This means the basket of standards will be an exhaustive list of irrational unattainable's. No person will ever satisfy his ego which will lead to all men being envious towards each other.

Pride is the carrot and envy is the stick to our ego. Both make us run towards something obscure. This unending endeavor tires and consumes men. This person discards his uniqueness and originality which had been ingrained in his sense of identity but creates a new one from such meaningless endeavors. They eventually perish in a pursuit that never was their own.

Conservatives, Liberals, Socialist, Capitalist, Right wing, Left wing, Extremist, Communist, Hindu hardliners, Ultra Nationalist, Anti Pagans, Anti national, Jihadist, Islamist, Antisemitism and what not. These are tags that consists of bundles of philosophies, ideas, practices and commands which you think you identify yourself with. The progression of a man and humanity is halted when he adopts such identities without deliberation of his own. He never practices to utilize his mind. The men who came up with different philosophies practiced their mind through intense deliberation. It was because of those men we have progressed. It is necessary for a person to go through such a process otherwise the person will never reconcile himself with his adopted identity because his original identity does not match partially or worse entirely with the adopted identity. The person forcibly tries to fit himself in his adopted identity and history has been a testament to several failed attempts of this pursuit.

You cannot be who you aren't.

We have to appreciate the nuances and facets of a person. Such tags function to aggravate the deepening fault lines and a time will come when differences will become irreconcilable because it will turn into a matter of competition and not about righteousness.

The discussion will shift from what is right to I am right.

"I" is the language of Ego.

Bhagavad Geeta Verse 6.6 -

bandhur atmatmanas tasya yenatmaivatmana jitah

anatmanas tu shatrutve vartetatmaiva shatru-vat

For those who have conquered the mind, it is their friend. For those who have failed to do so, the mind works like an enemy.

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