Meaning: Things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over silence

The red glint of your eyes in the dark on the day you left never to return comes back to haunt me after all this time. We stood there. My voice couldn't break the cold stillness. My heart beats to shout, to say, to ask and to cry but I did nothing. All I could do was to stay and look your numb figure staring in the distant space. The flashes of the past flooded my sight. The remarkable radiance of your aura permeating the vicinity and makes anything joyful it touches. The days of our lives is something I will cherish. My soul aches to leave you. I wish I had the courage to bare my clothed thoughts. It was never us but the circumstances. How i wish to change the course of fate but what a pitiful being like me can do in face of the inevitable. You bade your byes and left for a place far away. I saw your existence fading with each of your step away from me. I could do nothing and stood there gazing in the void as you vanished. Sometimes I wonder whether I made the right decision to remain silent. Sometimes I wonder if I had the courage to speak our world could have been different. I wonder if my soul ever reached to you crying to stay as you walked away leaving a carcass of a past where my heart continues to live on.

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